Sunday, December 1, 2013

November Roundup

Well, hello! I have been very bad in updating for the month of November. A total of four posts! Whoohoo! All-time lowest number! I should have an award.

I had a lot of ideas that I had wanted to post but life, as always, seemed to get in the way. I have been away from home for the past 6 days, visiting family for Thanksgiving and before that I....(drumroll)…... GOT A NEW JOB. Wow! Excitement.

Loads of work on that. Going from a small business to a corporate setting... I am slightly in awe at the amount of work there is in being set up as an employee. I have a car sticker. I will wear a name badge. That sounds like silly things to be excited about. I do want to explore this topic further and will write up a post later this week as this post is...


{ Monthly Favorites }

Book: None  (See below)
Event: New job!
Movie: Miss Potter
Pinterest Pin: Harry Potter Monopoly
Product: Sheer Love Eau de Toilette from Victoria's Secret
Purchase: Dirty Dancing from $1 at Black Friday
Site: Cupcakes and Cosmetics
Song: Royals - Lorde
YT Video: Careoke 2013 with Louise and Zoe

{ Goals }

1. Finish October Budget Sheet
2. Plan and Prep for Thanksgiving Holiday
3. Knock of 3-5 Christmas Gifts
4. Write up book review for:   Brain on Fire, Rewind
5. Find dessert for Thanksgiving


{ Events }

2:    Baby Shower
11:    Job Offer #1
15:   Accept new job. (3rd time is a charm.)
28:   Thanksgiving

{ Books Read }

None finished. Three halfway done.

{ Movies Watched } 

1. The Matrix
2. Whisper of the Heart
3. The Heat
4. Star Trek – Into Darkness
5. Miss Potter
6. Looper

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