Saturday, November 9, 2013

November Skoshbox

November's Skoshbox Review

(My apologies for the poor quality of photos. I had to use my old camera which is ancient and pitiful.)

Explanation: What is Skoshbox? It's a monthly subscription box that is delivered the first week of the month filled with foods, sweets, and misc fun items all from Japan. It's $12.00 a month and you can cancel at any time. The items are mostly all small sample sizes, enough for a good taste to make you wanting more.

I am terrible! I was so excited for this month's box that I couldn't wait long enough to share with Husband and hardly could be patient enough to snap photos. (Another reason for the poor quality of this month's box.) I absolutely love this box - more so than Birchbox. I'm just a huge food lover. Shame!

This month's non-food item was a cute paper book for Origami. There were instructions and colorful paper inside the booklet. A note of importance: Skoshbox will be discontinuing the "extra" non-food item starting January 2014. So December will be the last month for this fun addition.

Bisco Creme Biscuits | The description mentioned these are a treat for children and I can easily see why. They reminded me slightly of the snacks sold for toddlers that dissolve. The biscuit was firm but melted almost instantly in your mouth while the strawberry filling was your generic artificial strawberry flavor. (Think strawberry milk!)

Hanatsumi Jelly | These were adorable! A slightly sweet, firm jelly candy. The outside was coated with sugar crystals and really, that's all I could taste. The candy itself was a soft jelly, not as firm as Dots which we have here in the US but I couldn't really distinguish a difference in flavor between the colors. Still - cute!

Sakuma Drop Candy | The iconic candy featured in Grave of the Fireflies. I, sadly, has to get a grape flavor which isn't my favorite. Boo! Though, I did get two of these. I forgot to picture the other! It was a white candy with a slightly different shape and it had a nice flavor of peppermint.

Fujiya Lollipop | Adorable packaging! I think something is off with my tasters this month because I couldn't pin what this lollipop tasted like! I'll just say - a generic lollipop.

Meiji Fruit Gummies | Grape! But you know what? I still ate them! They were nicely shaped like a bunch of grapes and upon opening the package, I was a bit worried because the smell of grape was amazingly strong. But I am a champ and went along with it anyhow! They remind me of the Welch fruit gummies we have here in the states. Not something that is very new to me but I did enjoy them!

Choco-Pie | When I opened my box and saw this, I was ecstatic and couldn't wait. It looks just like a Moon Pie and I love Moon Pies! What Southerner doesn't! But - it just wasn't the same. I could be a bit biased but the cake part was dry and crumbly and overall, it didn't have the strong flavor that Moon Pies do.

Pretz Salad | I love Pocky. I love Breadsticks. Anything in stick form is fun to eat! And I think this was a mixture between those two! Very nice crunch, small sticks with a strong flavoring. The ingredients said consomme seasoning and I could taste it! Yum!

Yakiniku /Unagi Strips | Described as jerky strips in grilled eel or beef flavors. Honestly, I don't know which one I got but it was interesting! I felt there was a somewhat seafood-like taste but I can't use that to determine I received the eel one. The flavoring on these were strong but I like bold food! The texture threw me off a bit. They were tough of course but almost like hard foam. Spongy and... odd. I was happy to have tried this!

Yuki No Yado Senbei | Senbei! Senbei! My favorite treat! So happy to have gotten another one and boy what a treat! The bottom of these had a salty coating while the top had a frosted sugar coating - perfect for that mix of sweet and salty. I wanted more of these!

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