Sunday, January 12, 2014


I have a slight obsession with calenders. In December, I start my search of the perfect calenders and perhaps in my OCPD I get a little too carried away because I can spend days, hours agonizing over which calenders I want/need.

I have 4 calendars. A wall calender in my kitchen as well as one in my bedroom for easy access to dates and such. A printable calender in my home organization binder. And a small planner I keep in my carry-all. I like the calenders that give space to jot things down. I nearly broke down and bought a line-a-day desk calendar but I didn't want to get too out of control. Four is a good number, I think.

So below are the calenders I am currently using as well as the desk one I stopped myself from purchasing. I hope you find these useful if you haven't yet purchased a calender for the new year or are wondering what sort to buy.

Wall Calender #1 (Kitchen)

Buy :   |   $14.99

I love Beatrix Potter and these pictures really cannot do the calender justice. It's just beautiful and my favorite wall calender to date. The illustrations are lovely and bright.They trail down and cover the bottom of each page and there are little bits along the dates such as a bird or butterfly. The only flaw I could find is that the printed holidays and events were so faint, you couldn't really read them so I had to rewrite the important ones. But every time I go into the kitchen, my eyes wander over to enjoy how beautiful this is.

Wall Calender #2 (Bedroom)

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Fun! This is a calender that you could save the pictures and frame them. (A child's nursery or play room would be a fantastic idea.) It's a very cute and whimsical calender that I enjoy waking up to every day.

Printable Calender (Home Organizer)


I previously used iMom's 2013 calender which, I believe, looks the exact same. But I enjoyed it so much and it fit perfectly into my binder that I had to use it again. I'm so happy she made one for 2014! I love the colors and the patched/sewn detail adds a nice charm to it. I highly recommend this one because it's FREE.

Planner (Carry-All)

Buy:   |   $10.22

I think I was most excited to buy this one. The drawings are cute with positive thoughts to fit in perfectly. The planner has a nice amount of these which I'm happy for because I was worried about there being any, if few, as the preview for Amazon didn't show any. Everything about this planner delights me. The colors, the words, the quirkiness to it. I enjoy writing in it and thumbing through it on a daily basis. It's just brilliant and I now want the book. Hah!

Page-A-Day Calendar (Desk)

Buy:   |   $14.17

Ah! Here we have the almost-but-didn't-but-boy-I-wish-I-could! I am a sucker for the subway art on Pinterest and this! This is that but a new one every day! How exciting to rip off a page to find that beautiful art waiting for you every day. And I would definitely save the pages to recycle in some way because they are just too pretty to throw away. If you are a page-a-day sort, please do look into this one.

So, what sort of calender are you using this year? Please share them with me!

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  1. I am currently using a Hello Kitty wall calender in my room and a skully planner in my purse :)