Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Going On An Adventure

I like to consider myself and adventurer of sorts. A mild adventurer, perhaps. I love travelling and exploring new areas. A place I've never been to before can spark all sorts of excitement and awe. My eyes feasting on anything new to learn, to see, to taste or smell.

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I do like to explore new places and at times in my life I had the fantasy of becoming nomadic. Live in one city for a while, then a small place deep in the forest and wilds. I still sometimes think about moving away. Mostly because this will happen for me. With Husband's Plan of Action (Super Secret Squirrel stuff), we will be starting anew somewhere else in one to two years. And this new place can be anywhere we set our minds to but most probably in a mountain range up North. Don't you love how secretive I am being?

Now. I love the mountains. For a good deal of my life, I have wanted, badly, to live up there. To actually have snow in the winter. To have an Autumn season that lasts longer than a few weeks. The air, the scenery, the many activities that are available! Yes, it has been a dream. But the more real this option becomes, the sadder I find myself becoming at the thought of this place here, where I have lived and set roots for 20-something years, not being my home any longer.

You see, I think of myself as the sort of person that can go, "Oh yes! An adventure would be quite nice! Let us have some fun." all the while knowing that the comforts of home and the known will be waiting for you on your return. Like the closest friend, it welcomes you back with open arms and a spot of tea. "Tell me your stories. Share you encounters." And I will snuggle into my pattern once again and remember.

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I live on the coast and so all of my life I have been surrounded by marshes and egrets. Shrimp boats. Majestic oaks with hanging moss. This scenery is as part of me as my thumbnail or my accent.

I think we all have dreamed of living some place else. It's natural to ponder life on the out side of our pastures. But of those who have accomplished this, how many dream of going "home", back to their roots? I am uncertain which category I would fall within. The one that moves elsewhere and just blooms, that falls right into things naturally and feels that yes, this is where they belong. Or the other ones, the ones that finally move to a place they've always wanted to be and realize that it's only the excitement of newness that appealed to them deep down.

So which do you feel you belong to, dear reader? Do you have any stories of your own to tell?

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