Friday, September 20, 2013

Summer Joys

Well hello!

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Here I sit on a lovely, crisp September night. The excitement of Autumn being  just around the corner is nearly overwhelming. But as our calendars slowly say goodbye to Summer, I had thought to share what I shall miss about that finicky, blastfully hot season. (Which isn’t much, actually, because Summer is my least favorite month. Hah!)

Barefoot Walks
Before the acorns start falling (which has already started!), my absolute favorite moments of summer are when I can go around barefoot. I find pleasure in the feeling on the warm earth underneath my feet. The soft dirt of my driveway. The tickling grass on my lawn. It brings back the freedom of childhood and a sense of oneness.

To me, lemonade has a certain taste in summer that it can’t hold to in any other season. Crisp and tart with a slightly sweet coolness. I go wild in the summer with my lemons – everything from desserts to flavoring my tea. But lemonade? Lemonade can be summed up to a  simpleness of life. A throwback, in my life, to Southern Charm.

Butterflies /Dragonflies
They are everywhere during the summer months! There hasn’t been a single day where I didn’t see one.  Their bright colors breezing past you. Dainty selves alight with busy charm.

Fresh Fruits
Watermelons! Strawberries! Peaches! Oh the joy of their sweet smells and juicy delights. I have appreciated every one that I’ve eaten this year. The way they feel in your hands, the light but tempting smell that is the perfect summary of summer.

So however you enjoyed your summer, I hope that you found appreciation and happiness there. Is there any particular thing or activity that sums up Summer for you? Let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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