Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thankful Thursday #1

This week I am thankful for . . .
  • Coffee
There's just something about having a fantastic cup of coffee on a chilly morning on your way to work. It makes going to work bearable. I can't enjoy coffee during the summer months. It doesn't seem to belong. So it is with great delight that the days have cooled and I can once again create my perfect mixture of hazelnut and vanilla coffee.
  • Clean Sheets
Honestly. Is there anything better than when you switch your bedding for clean sheets? They are crisper. The heavenly scents from your detergent or softener still clinging to the cotton. They make the bed seem softer and the pillows fluffier. I always have the best sleep that first night on new sheets.
  • The kindness of others.
This week hasn't been a good one. In fact, pretty stinky with difficult situations popping up at both work and home. But with a heart bursting from thanks and warmth, I have received unexpected kindness from both strangers and family alike. People who have appreciated my work, that care for my well being, that helped when I never would have asked. People that have helped me. People that I have helped. There is goodness in the world. It's really there though often times I forget.
  • Being safe and healthy.
I have seen and heard about a few people who have been involved in wrecks. Or ran into health issues this week. I often take it for granted, my safety. Driving about. Freak accidents. Health scares. I considered myself, a few times in the past days, lucky. And maybe I am. But whatever it is, I am thankful for being here safe and sound on this day. And hope tomorrow sees me through as well.
  • The Husband
Who, this week, drove me around to three different stores at 9 in the night so I could have my craving for a Choco Taco satisfied. Without complaint. Who has done his share and a good deal of my share of the household daily cleaning list. Who sneaks about in the AM so I can get that last hour of sleep before I need to wake up, long after him.

What are you thankful for on this Thursday? Please share!

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