Monday, October 21, 2013

90s Fashion Trends That I Miss

The majority of my childhood happened in the 90s. There were some great things during that era - TV shows were better, boy bands, toys, Lisa Frank, movies.... BUFFY. It got me to thinking about fashion and, while I wasn't trendy back in the day, there are a few things that I miss and wish that I could still pull off.

{1} Babydoll Dresses
Source: Forever 21

I think these may still be cool! At least, they are still in shops. YES! To be the ultimate 90s child, you had to have one with a floral print or hints of denim. These dresses were so comfortable and fun. And I usually ruined the cool factor by wearing them with cowboy boots.

{2} Mini Backpacks

I had a mini backpack that I used for close to 10 years. It was hunter green and fantastic. I still remember the sad day when I had to discard it, having worn it to shreds. I used it first at school until it graduated to a purse of sorts. I would still use a mini backpack over a handbag any day. Just throw that sucker over your shoulders and go! It stays in place and doesn't keep falling off .

{3} Chokers

Source: NewLook

Chokers were my 90s stable. I loved them and still have a few for nostalgia purposes. I would wear the tattoo ones, which would make me feel super cool and grownup (which meant a teenager), to the the ones with little charms dangling off. Oh, those happy days.

{4} Scrunchies 


Who lived in the 90s and didn't have a pile of scrunchies? I haven't yet found anything that can match the power of a scrunchie when it comes to holding your hair in a neat bun. They were magic. And the prints! The colors! You could have a scrunchie for every occasion. Keep the dream alive, Hilary! They will return one day.

{5} Body Glitter
Source: Birthday Express

Oh yes, I said it. Glitter for your body. I wore this one out! I would slap it on my eyelids, my cheeks, my collarbone... anywhere I could find a patch of skin. I was a glitter fairy! I used the pots, the tubes, the roll-on sort... I had quite a collection. I didn't care how old I was. Sometimes even now, for holidays, I will quietly put a bit on and remember. -sigh-

{6} Chunky & Platform Heels
I think I miss these most of all. I had a pair almost exactly like the ones above, just without the star. I wish I still had them. This trend was important to me because, being all of 5 feet, I could slip on a pair of these and be a normal height. No more petite jokes! I walked as high as the rest of them! They were also comfortable. One day I will own a pair again. One day I will be tall once again! One day...

What were some of your favorite 90s trends? Could you see yourself wearing any I posted? Share in the comments below!

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