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October Skoshbox

October  2013

What is Skoshbox? It's a monthly subscription box that is delivered the first week of the month filled with foods, sweets, and misc fun items all from Japan. It's $12.00 a month and you can cancel at any time. The items are mostly all small sample sizes, enough for a good taste to make you wanting more.

I have a love of all things Japan so I had to indulge myself and October is my first box. Talk about excited! I hardly wanted to take pictures of the "unveiling". I just wanted to rip it open and engulf everything. For you, dear readers, I contained myself.

The card at the beginning of the package was very cute and the back had all information on what's inside. I really appreciated not only the descriptions on each item (In case I got confused. It happened.) but the ingredients as well. I would suggest that if you have trouble matching food to their names, go to Skoshbox.com and click on Current Box. They have matched everything for you!

Sorry for the fuzzy iphone snaps. I was too excited to locate my regular camera.

The "fun" item(s) this month were... postcards! I love postcards. Fun fact: any time I go somewhere new, I buy a postcard and scribble the date I was there as a souvenir. These were made of nice thick paper and very vibrant!

Black Sesame Mochi | Bit frightened to eat this just for the coloring but I love all things sesame so I had to go in with hope. I do like mochi and have had it before so the texture wasn't a surprise. The sesame was very delicate and not over powering which saddened me just for my preferences.

Nori Wrapped Senbei |  Hmm. The senbei was really flavorful with a strong soy taste which was very appeasing. I think it came from the slight glaze over the cracker. It had a fantastic crunch to it but... well, I just don't like nori and that ruined it for me. Alas.

Matcha Gum Pack | My least favorite of the bunch. It had the smell and taste of black licorice. In fact, I had placed it on my blogging notebook briefly while scribbling down notes and now, a day later, I still smell it there on my notebook. Sad. A positive feature it that it has great bubble blowing capabilities. And it was pretty. I mean, how many people put detail on a stick of gum?

Endo Green Pea Snack | I am happy that this was a small sample because I had trouble not eating these all in one go and quickly. They are just as they are described to be. Fried green peas slightly seasoned with black pepper. Such crunchy goodness.

Ume Cracker | They do not kid with the pickled plum glaze. They do not kid. This one little cracker had such a kick of flavor I was overwhelmed. It wasn't unpleasant, to be honest, only really... pickled plum-ish. I shared this with a friend who really enjoyed it and finished it off for me. Which goes to show it's all a matter of taste.

Soft Salad Senbei | It was broken. Sad! To be fair, this was the only mishap with my box and it flew all the way from Hawaii! I can't say much about this as it was a subtle, savory taste. It reminded me most of the rice crackers you can buy here in the US. And I love rice crackers!

Nigata Rice Cracker |  Another win! It smells stronger than it tastes but it had a fantastic soy flavor. I need to live in Japan. Rice crackers abound! I love these crunchy snacks. They are so flavorful, perfect for snacking. The description says it tastes just like Yaki Onigiri but I can't compare as I've never had the latter.

Hoseki Dama Candy | Sparkling Candy. That green thing there. It does sparkle! The outer coating was very... sparkly. I had the fortunate luck of apple. The other options would have been lemon, strawberry and  grape. It's... not much to talk about. A hard candy. Lasts a while. The outer coating was rocky so it made the top of my mouth sore afterwards. But it had a great apple flavoring.

Awa Dama Candy | Fizzy soda candy. Grape and pineapple were in my box. Such fun! They taste fizzy just like a soda would. I gave the grape one away as I loathe grape but I thoroughly enjoyed the pineapple.

Chocolate Puff | I saved the best for last! I believe this is called Umaibo. I have heard amazing things about these! So many flavors! I want bags of them now. Bags! Little bit overboard with the exclamation points but this, this my friends was amazing. A delicious chocolate coating. And the inside! The inside melted in your mouth. Briefly crispy but then soft and chocolatey. I only wish I could find this somewhere closer to home. But perhaps that wouldn't be such a great idea as I would have no will-power.

Skochbox was such a treat to find in the mail! I think the samples and experience of foreign treats were well worth the price. It's not that expensive, really. And I cannot say no to food. I just can't. If you are a subscription box fantastic, I would like to recommend this. If you are a fan of Japanese related goods, I would recommend this. Or anyone else who might have found this post helpful or interesting. 

Definitely let me know your experience!

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