Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thankful Thursday #3

                                                       This week I am thankful for . . .
  • Saved Tabs
On more than one occasion this week I have accidentally closed a tab that was extremely important. Wether it be a blog post I had been working on for 40 minutes or a pin that I really, really needed. (I just had to have it!)  Thanks loads to the magical feature of reopening a closed tab.
  • Lip Balm
My favorite season happens to come at a price - dry, crackly lips. Thankfully, I have lip balm! I have tried many brands over the years yet often stick with Softlips which is just amazing. I was given a new balm as a gift this month and think I might have something that could possibly be a new favorite. I will be sharing more on this at the end of the month during my October Roundup.
  • Snuggly Blankets
Cool weather means that I can bundle up in one of my fuzzy fleece blankets either on the sofa or porch swing and fall into a good book. Ahh, simple bliss! An extra bonus point is when they are warm, straight from the dryer. 
  • Silence
There has been quiet a bit of noise in my household recently. TV shows, video games, computers... we are a plugged in family. (Unfortunately) Added to that is the zoo of animals that make an enormous amount of chatter. I have had one or two days though that were completely quiet! Not even a radio. It's great for a recharge. 
  • Wind Down Time With Husband
Not what you may think! We have a nightly ritual of sharing a chat about anything we care to talk about. Just us, no distractions for at least half an hour. After which we play a puzzle game together on my Kindle or his phone. It's a simple scene that means so much.

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